Air Conditioning For High Humidity – Tips and Tricks Here

High humidity and high heat in our area recently could be having a huge impact on our customers!  Some people prefer not to run their air conditioning to cut costs, and some don’t have air conditioning systems at all. America’s Best offers discounts for senior citizens, military, and policemen and firemen – and we always have great discounts and specials running for all of our amazing customers.  Air conditioning may be cheaper than you think, and could help you avoid heat-related illnesses.


Picture yourself tossing and turning in your home, unable to cool off, starting to feel anxious because you cannot cool your body down. Your body’s temperature increases every few minutes, and you’re then at risk of dehydration and overheating. What do you do?


Some tips:


  • Drink plenty of water! Water will rehydrate your body and help you cool down internally.


  • Limit your alcohol intake! Alcohol causes your body to dehydrate. Skip it all together!


  • Clothing – Wear light weight, light-in-color, and loose-fit clothing. Light, airy material will help the air around you circulate through your clothing better, which will keep you cooler. The lighter colors do not attract and reflect as much sunlight!


  • Using a fan to circulate your cool air helps! This will push the cool air around and give the feeling of being cooler. However, fans alone do not cool air. A/C is always the best option!


  • Take a cool bath or shower. This can bring your body’s temperature down and help you relax. Sometimes, being overheated can cause you to feel anxiety. This will help remedy the situation!


If you don’t have air conditioning available, America’s Best is always here to provide you with a free estimate for an air conditioning system. Don’t think you can afford it right now? We offer easy financing, which can eliminate your up-front costs and stretch your dollars longer to get you cool and comfortable now! Every home is different and requires different-sized equipment. If your neighbor gave you a ballpark cost, it may not always be in the same ballpark as your home! Call us and see!


Air conditioning not working, or maybe not working as well as it once did? America’s Best also offers air conditioning maintenance, which is a thorough cleaning and investigation of your system. This can instantly save you money with your utility companies, and leave your equipment in a more efficient and cost-saving state. It eliminates potential costly breakdowns in the future, and shows your warranty company that you are properly caring for your equipment!


Best part? As a maintenance agreement client, you’ll save 15% on any repairs, and receive priority customer service. No air in the middle of the night on a Sunday morning, basking in the heat on the second floor? Give America’s Best a call, and our 24/7 emergency team will get you cool and comfortable in no time – with no overtime charges!!!!


Contact our Comfort Crew today by signing up online for an inquiry, visiting our Facebook page for more information, or by giving us an old-fashioned call at 888-456-2525!

We’re here for you – Our motto is and always has been Your safety and comfort are our main concerns!”

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