Common Air Conditioning Myths – Debunked in Newtown!

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5 Common Air Conditioning Myths about Energy Savings!

Spring is finally here, and like it or not, cooling season will be upon us in no time! Unfortunately, that usually means our utility bills increase as well. The more inefficient your system is, the higher the costs will appear within your utility statements. Energy-saving tips can often be misconstrued, and myths form that deceive most homeowners, renters and business owners. These myths can even cause your bills toincrease even more!

1. Myth: “Keeping your air conditioner on the same temperature at all times is the least costly.”

Most people assume that your air conditioner works harder and uses a ton more energy to adapt to new temperatures suddenly when the temperature is adjusted. The Truth:When you allow your home to warm up while you are not home, your equipment consumes much less power usage than running all day, and your bills will not be as high. Though, higher humidity days may be necessary to keep comfortable.

2. Myth: “Turning the thermostat all the way down makes the home cool more quickly.”

Most people think this causes the A/C to run faster to get cooler. The Truth: Air conditioning units ALWAYS operate at the same speed while running, until they reach the designated temperature and shut off. Your desired temperature set on your thermostat is a “goal” temperature for your unit. Turning the thermostat all the way down wastes energy by obtaining an excessively cool temperature that is much lower than desired and what will be maintained in the home. Your bills will surely increase with this method!

3. Myth: “Leave an oscillating fan on at all times to make the room cooler and move the air.”

Fans can be very deceiving, and make it seem like air is “cooler” by keeping it running. The Truth: Fans do not actually reduce temperature in any way. It gives the illusion that it is cooler when blowing/moving, thus wasting energy once more. Higher bills ahead! Air Conditioning is your best solution for cooling off in the summer, and with routine maintenance, they run efficiently!

4. Myth: “I can buy my own high efficient system and reduce my own bills with a handyman friend installing it. This is cheaper and low price is most important.”

Yes, you can obtain a high efficient system on your own. Always check your prices and weigh the pros and cons. However.. The Truth: If a system is not sized correctly (manual J load calculation, etc.), or installed properly and to code, you could experience higher bills and fines or improper installation without permits! It is always recommended to have a licensed contractor install your equipment. This ensures the system is running as efficiently as possible, and as safely as possible!

5. Myth: “Wasting money on an air conditioning system is pointless. It’s hot upstairs no matter what. My system needs to be replaced, but it’s pointless.”

This is never something you should have to live with! The Truth: Your system can be “zoned” to have separate controls for the rooms you desire to be cooler. Your system could also be oversized with undersized duct work! Maybe you need to add more returns. It is never a waste to keep your home comfortable, but replacing the system is not always the reason! Making sure all of your system’s components are compatible and in proper working condition is the best diagnosis! A contractor can help you determine the best way to obtaining the airflow you desire!

Here’s where annual routine maintenance on your A/C system comes into play. The A/C system is like the body system – in that your body and your A/C cannot function when their system components are not working together to achieve the ultimate goal – homeostasis – in HVAC, we call it comfort! Having your system thoroughly cleaned, having the filters changed to stop blockage and improve airflow, and making adjustments within the system can help you obtain the lower utility bills you desire, AND prevent costly system breakdowns in the future. Just like your car needs an oil change, and your body needs a check-up, your A/C system needs a tune-up to continue its efficiency and provide you with the comfort of cool air, and the comfort of deeper pockets!

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