Discounted Air Conditioning Tune-Up for New Customers

Posted in: Air Conditioning

America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is offering our air conditioning tune-up at a special low price of just $89.00 for our new customers! Air conditioning tune-ups (maintenance) are very important to maintain your system’s efficiency and keep your utility bills at bay. Having a thoroughly cleaned central air conditioning system keeps your home cooler and your pockets fuller! Write smaller checks to the utility companies now and add those funds to your summer fun savings!

Act now and receive a FREE dryer vent cleaning with your tune-up! Offer expires July 31, 2015. Don’t even run your drying cycle more than once! You should always be ONE and DONE!!! In addition to causing weaker drying cycles, the debris is a severe fire hazard. Dryer vent blockage is a serious problem and causes thousands of home fires every year! Over 16,000 home fires resulting in total home loss happened last year solely from clogged dryer vents.


Once you complete your special rate $89 air conditioning tune-up and receive your FREE dryer vent cleaning, you will also be given the chance to enter referrals… and for every successful referral, you will receive a VISA gift card for your assistance in gaining new clients as wonderful as you!!!

Schedule your tune-up request here now, and don’t miss out on this air conditioning tune-up savings deal!!!! Visit us on Facebook for more promotions and deals!

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