How to Check for Air Leaks in Your Home!

High efficiency air conditioning and heating systems can be great energy savers for your home, but if you have a drafty home, these troublesome air leaks can actually increase your utility bills! America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical would like to share some tips with you for how to check for these air leaks in your home, so you can save every dollar you deserve with your HVAC systems!


Try a smoke test with an incense stick. Make sure all of your home is sealed – windows shut, doors closed, fans and air conditioning or heating in the OFF position. Next, light an incense and hold it near your windows and doors. (Be careful not to burn yourself or anything around you.) Watch the smoke as it climbs away from the incense stick. Do you see it wavering to any particular direction? Test it by gently moving it every few minutes to a new area. If you see the stream of smoke moving rapidly, changing direction, or otherwise seeming to be disrupted in any way, you may have a potential air leak! Investigate the area thoroughly to find the culprit leak area, and make the appropriate repair to ensure the leak is sealed and unable to penetrate your home again.

Use your hands and your eyes! Everyone uses this as their go-to way of feeling for drafts in their home. Gently move your hands around the edges of your windows and doors, working inward to make sure there are no leaks or cracks that are letting cold/warm air either in/out. Thoroughly investigate doors and windows with sight and touch, to determine potential air leaks that your smoke test may have missed. You are your best leak test! Repair the cracks or crevices as needed, or replace windows or doors that are not up to the leak-free challenge.


Call America’s Best for an energy audit. Naturally, this is the last step you need to take. However, if you are experiencing higher-than-normal energy bills, and don’t seem to be finding any air leaks on your own, you can always call the comfort specialists here at America’s Best! We can come to your home and investigate for you, to make sure all of your appliances are installed correctly and not drawing excessive energy, while investigating for leaks in your home’s structure as well. High energy bills should never be something you have to deal with, and an energy audit can help!


Schedule your energy audit online here, give us an old-fashioned ring at 888-456-2525, or shoot us an e-mail to We are always ready to assist!


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