How to Troubleshoot Too Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home!

You’re standing in your bathroom brushing your teeth, and you shiver, realizing it is pretty cold in there! You move on to your next agenda – laundry. You step into the laundry room and immediately feel the temperature difference “smack you in the face” as you open the door. Now you’re thinking – Why does my home have hot and cold spots? America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical would like to share some tips on troubleshooting these hot and cold spots in your home. Let’s first identify the potential causes for the hot and cold spots:


Problem One: Equipment-related problems could be the first culprit for your home’s hot and cold spots. Your HVAC equipment could be malfunctioning due to debris, age, lack of maintenance – many reasons that could be unknown to you. These can lead to inconsistent heating and cooling issues, which will undoubtedly leave your home with many hot and cold spots.


Solution: Consider equipment maintenance or replacement. Replacement is always the last resort. However, if your system is not up-to-par, then replacement with a higher efficiency system may be the route for you. Hot and cold spots are never pleasant, and routine annual maintenance would assist your system in year-round satisfactory function. It also keeps your warranty activated! (Didn’t know that NOT performing annual maintenance could void your HVAC equipment warranty? Better call and make sure!)


Don’t think your HVAC equipment could be the reason for your hot and cold spots? Let’s go over the other culprits – which may seem less involved, but they are just as significant for optimal system performance! Hot and cold spots could also be caused by:


Problem Two: Thermostat errors or malfunction can cause hot and cold spots. Consider the location of your programmable thermostat. If the thermostat is not located in an area where it can take accurate temperature readings as-needed, it will then continue to send incorrect signals to your HVAC equipment, which will definitely cause hot and cold spots throughout your home! If your thermostat is in direct sunlight for even part of the day, the temperature reading will be higher, and will force your system to use unnecessary energy consumption to force the temperature requirement.


Solution: Try relocating your thermostat. Most programmable thermostats are mounted to the wall in areas that don’t receive direct sunlight and don’t have any temperature-changing device blowing in that direct area. Your thermostat needs to be located where it can accurately read your home’s temperature, so that you can achieve the temperature goal throughout, and avoid hot and cold spots.


Problem Three: Problems with your ductwork could be preventing proper airflow. Your ducts are your pathway for heated and cooled air to travel. So, naturally, if the ducts are poorly insulated, obstructed or are leaking air, your home will definitely have hot and cold spots.


Solution: Have your ductwork fixed. Have America’s Best come check your ductwork to ensure all sections of your ductwork are present, accounted for, and without damage. All of the ductwork connections should be fastened tightly and insulated.


Not sure which of these is your hot and cold spot problem? Contact us online to schedule an estimate or service call to figure out the problem and correct it professionally and affordably! As always, visit our Specials page for our recent coupons, and visit us on Facebook for current promotions!

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