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If you install the right kind of air conditioning in an office, you will discover that under more pleasant working conditions, staff productivity soars! Therefore, contacting America’s Best to schedule your air conditioning estimate makes good business sense! When you are buying air conditioning for a new office, there are certain considerations you must take into account; like the size of the rooms and how many people will be using the rooms during the day. The following is a breakdown of other questions that you should ask us when you’re make the best decision for your business with a new air conditioning system installation:


  1. What is the unit’s British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating? This rating will tell you how much heat the air conditioning unit can remove from a room. A higher rating corresponds to more heat being taken from a room, so it is best to have room dimensions ready for your estimate. A large room with a unit that has a low rating would not be effective or efficient!


  1. What Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Number does the air conditioner have? This number will tell you how much energy is needed to power the unit to work effectively. The higher the EER, the less energy is needed to power the air conditioning unit. This is desirable, but keep in mind that higher EER numbers mean a more expensive unit. The good thing about that is the long-term use of a machine with a higher EER will help pay for itself over time, saving you money every month on utility bills instantly! Efficiency may cost more, but the savings to repay itself are amazing!


3. How is the temperature controlled? Most units today have a heat sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature of the air as it enters the unit using a manual or programmable control. If you get a unit with a variable speed fan, it can help make your unit more efficient. You can also find units with remote controls, timers and digital readouts. Installing a programmable thermostat will help you maintain your desired comfort level, and keep your utility bills in check!


  1. Is it easy to maintain? Obviously, you want a unit that is easy to maintain; meaning filters that are easily removed for cleaning and replacement. By doing so, you can ensure that your unit works efficiently and save your business money over the years! America’s Best also provides routine annual maintenance for all of your HVAC and Electrical equipment, which will keep your warranty active and keep your equipment running at its peak performance level, which will keep your pockets filled with energy savings!

Give us a call at 888-456-2525, or contact us online to schedule your FREE estimate for new air conditioning! Have air conditioning already, and just want to make sure you’re saving energy? That’s OK! Schedule a tune-up online, and we’ll be happy to let you know how your system is performing! As always, follow us on Facebook for our current discounts, deals and promotions!

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