Is Your Air Conditioning System Properly Sized?

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You may not realize it, but choosing the appropriate sized air conditioning system for your home is extremely important when you are upgrading your air conditioning system, or installing for the first time. If your system happens to be size incorrectly, and is too large or too small, you could be burning through unnecessary energy costs.  Not only would you be wasting energy, you would have an inefficient system, which normally always leads to costly breakdowns and double the maintenance. Your pockets will thank you for trusting America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical to thoroughly check your home and calculate proper sizing for your home’s comfort needs.


If you are already a central air conditioning system owner, then you’ve probably made the assumption that you “just need the same size unit that you have already” to make an upgrade.  This is not always true!  In the past, it has been proven that many air conditioners installed with overages in tonnage necessary, and many were undersized and not able to handle the square footage of homes, leaving customers with inefficient equipment, high utility bills, and “too hot” areas all over their homes.


You can count on America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical to always:


  1. Map new ductwork or check the efficiency of the existing ductwork in your home.
  2. Investigate local climate to ensure proper integration.
  3. Validate your family size and their preferred levels of comfort.
  4. Check the amount of insulation of your home, and deem its efficiency.
  5. Calculating your home’s geographic orientation, which can affect heat gain and heat loss.
  6. Gather the square footage & layout of your house, to ensure proper airflow.
  7. Calculate proper cooling load for each area of your home with Manual J Load Calculations.
  8. Check efficiency and heat output for all of your home’s major appliances.
  9. Check for household changes that could affect your home’s cooling load, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation, switching to energy-efficient lighting, or energy-efficient windows.


Ready to learn more about your home’s comfort needs, and find out if your home’s equipment is accurately sized and efficient? Schedule your free estimate today, and we’ll make sure your family is educated on how to maintain efficient, cost-saving comfort before we leave!

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