Reduce Your Summer Energy Usage and Costs!

Your household’s air conditioning needs in the past few weeks has probably increased due to the high humidity and rising temperatures. This unfortunately means that summer is taking a huge bite out of your budget for energy costs! Here are some tips on how you can 1) keep your home cooler, 2) reduce energy usage and 3) reduce your monthly energy costs:


Install a ceiling fan (if you don’t have one already). In partnership with your air conditioning, the fan blades being pointed downward will help bring cooler air that has accumulated toward the floor up, reducing your body temperature. Ceiling fans produce a breeze that make the body feel like they are being cooled, which in-turn, reduces the necessity for prolonged air conditioning use. Sometimes, a ceiling fan for a smaller room can be enough. Try it out and see how it works for you! Energy usage will be down, and energy savings will be up!


Install a programmable “smart” thermostat. Turn the A/C off when you leave your home to reduce energy usage while you are not present. Unless you have someone at home needing the cooling all day, you would be cooling your house for no one. Installing a programmable “smart” thermostat can give you the ability to adjust your air conditioning needs and usage from any smart phone, which will help you reduce your energy usage, which in turn, reduces your energy costs!


Reduce your home’s indoor humidity. Did you know that your body is sometimes unable to cool itself because of humidity? Perspiration typically reduces your temperature, but not with constant humidity in its wake. If you have any openings in your home (cracks, gaps, etc) that are letting cool air escape (and humid air enter), seal them to the best of your ability. Caulk comes in handy for cracks and crevices around your doors and window frames. You could also try using a portable dehumidifier in small rooms (bedrooms, laundry rooms, etc.) This will reduce humidity and make it easier for your body to cool down. America’s Best also offers whole-house dehumidifiers, which can reduce the humidity in your whole home! Again, energy usage is down and your energy savings take flight! Air conditioning systems will not have to work as hard to cool you down!


Lastly, decrease your excess heat gain. Your air conditioning system works twice as hard to cool your home down when excess heat enters your home. Keeping your drapes/curtains closed in your windows will prevent excess heat from the sun entering your home, especially during the highest index of heat per day. If you have windows that are flush with the home and receive a lot of sunlight, you could install awnings above them or other means of shade to reduce the sunlight entering your home, which causes excess heat gain most commonly. If you’re suffering from humidity in the home and having trouble cooling down, reduce use of appliances that could be causing heat generation (i.e. stoves, ovens, washers and dryers) which can be heightened energy usage suckers!


America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is always here to serve your air conditioning, heating and electrical needs. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to staying cool, and contact us online to schedule an estimate if you are experiencing any HVAC or electrical troubles!

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