Spring into Action! Don’t VOID Your Air Conditioning Warranty!

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The Philadelphia region, Southern New Jersey, Bucks and Montgomery counties were pretty lucky this year, with a fairly mild winter. We were blessed with beautiful weather all week, to top it off! This raises the question, going forward: Is your air conditioning system prepared for spring? Since we’ll be “springing forward” this weekend, America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical would like you to join us, and spring ahead with some air conditioning tips you should be considering very soon!


  • Check your air filters: A dirty air filter will cause a great lapse in airflow to your air conditioning equipment, resulting in your unit freezing up in the summertime, which can damage your unit severely, resulting in unnecessary replacement costs. Most homeowners decide to change their filters themselves, however, a full routine annual maintenance with a professional would definitely be more efficient. Don’t want to change you filters on your own? Schedule a routine annual maintenance with us here, and learn more about the savings you’ll have as a maintenance customer!


  • Inspect your equipment:It is always a good idea to take a look at your air handler, duct work and your condenser occasionally to ensure there is nothing causing any damage or weakness to your HVAC equipment. Look for standing water in your drain pans, cracks or leaks in your duct work and any debris that might have fallen in or around your outside unit. This can not only cause your system to run inefficiently, but it could also be a fire hazard. Not sure what you’re looking for? America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical technicians are ready to assist, any time, any day!


  • Test your A/C:Before the heat of summer sets in, it is a good idea to test out your air conditioning system, to ensure everything is smoothly operating, which will give you the highest rate of efficiency. Briefly turn on your unit and let it run – that way if there are any noticeable or alarming problems, you will hopefully catch them before the cooling season is in full swing. Again, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, the best idea is to have America’s Best come perform annual maintenance.


  • Scheduling an HVAC annual maintenanceis always a smart and financially responsible idea. Set up an appointment to have America’s Best, your Bucks County HVAC professional, come perform an annual preventative maintenance inspection of your equipment. Our maintenance is thorough, and we can provide discounted repairs if you join our Planned Maintenance Agreement program! Did you know that most manufacturers will VOID YOUR WARRANTY if you don’t have annual maintenance completed on your heating & air conditioning systems? Not having your systems properly maintained and cared for leaves your system with unnecessary damage, wear and tear. Once it finally breaks down, you’re out of luck, because your warranty is now voided for lack of proper maintenance. Don’t let this happen to you!


If you are looking for a professional Bucks County HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation company, consider contacting America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical for your HVAC and electrical troubleshooting, repair and maintenance needs. The professionals at America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical have been serving the Bucks, Montgomery, Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas with quality HVAC and electrical services for over 25 years! Ready to schedule your A/C maintenance? Schedule online by clicking here, or download the GetCru app and connect with us to schedule your service and communicate with us directly from your smart device!

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