How To Save Energy While On Vacation!

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It’s still summer, and we know you’re all anxious to head out on your vacations, if you haven’t already! America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical would like to share with you some ways that you can help yourself save energy $$$$ while you’re away! Enjoy your time away, and don’t worry about the hassle of wondering which energy guzzlers at home are using your energy without your presence!


Adjust and lower your temperature settings on your water heater. You won’t be using hot water when you’re away on vacation! Why let the water heater kick on and heat it for no one to use? Make the temperature much lower, so that your water heater is not working hard to make it warm. If you’re going to be away for an extended period of time (a week or more), just turn your water heater off completely. It’ll help you save energy costs and you’ll be able to warm it back up in no time when you’re home! You could even politely ask a neighbor to turn it back on for you when you’re en route!


Close your blinds, your curtains and your windows. Sunshine is a major factor in how much your home is heated. This even plays a part in your air conditioner kicking on more frequently, because the sunshine coming in through your windows does affect the temperature in that area! If you close your blinds, curtains and windows, this will help the indoor temperature stay cooler. This obviously prevents your air conditioner or heat pump from kicking on when it’s not necessary. Leaving for an extended period of time? Turn the cooling off! Ask a neighbor or a trusted friend to turn the thermostat back on when you’re en route to your home, so you can arrive to comfort. Save energy without even trying with this method! You’re on a roll now!


Unplug your household appliances that don’t need power. Keep your refrigerator on!!!!! That’s one point we’d like to make before continuing! We’d hate to see your food perish for not clarifying! As for your other appliances that you will not need to be powered or be using in that extended period of time, unplug them. They could be using standby energy to maintain internal systems like clocks or other settings you’re unsure of. Computers, televisions, microwaves and other ovens, etc. As stated before, you can always have a neighbor or trusted friend return them to their plugs and ON positions with you’re ready to head home and want the convenience of them being ready for your discretion! Your utility bill with definitely be lower next month! This is a great way to save energy at home!


Lastly, use your programmable thermostat (if you have one). This is self-explanatory! Your programmable thermostat is programmed to your preferences for heating and cooling comfort. Adjust them accordingly to reduce the amount of times that the condenser or heat pump turns on. Going away for a while? Yep, you guessed it. Turn the FAN to OFF and System to OFF. Have a neighbor or a trusted friend turn them back on when you’re home. Better yet – if you have a “smart” phone and thermostat, you may have the ability to adjust these functions directly from your smart phone via the internet. Now, THAT, is a very smart way to save energy in your home. You’re set!


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