Which HVAC System Type is Right For Your Home?


Summer, especially humid ones like this one, can put exteme wear and tear on your HVAC system. Is your system on its last leg? Here’s some things to consider when you’re searching for the right HVAC replacement system.

Perhaps you’re going to replace your existing system to a higher efficiency system, or you’re going to purchase one for your new home. It’s important to know exactly which system will work for your home, and it needs to be sized properly, to ensure your home receives optimal comfort levels. America’s Best offers $500.00 off of high efficiency system upgrades, and PECO offers rebates for the system as well, by the way!

Our climate plays a major role in how your system operates, how often it operates, etc. The more months your system requires use, the more wear and tear will be placed on it. Replacing your system with the same unit may be the “easy” way for an estimate, but knowing your options for what’s better for YOUR needs is the best route. When you schedule a FREE estimate with America’s Best, make sure you ask for all options, and have them thoroughly explained to you, so that you can choose the best option for your home. Energy dollars can be wasted on improperly sized systems!

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Q: Gas or electric – what is better? Does it matter?

A: It really depends on how your system works and operates. A gas heating system is typically less expensive to run than an electric unit, but electric units pose a lower risk to the inhabitants of your home. Natural gas is typically the cheaper form of energy, however, gas systems emit low levels of carbon monoxide, which some homeowners do not feel comfortable with. Electric systems are usually more quiet than natural gas systems, which some homeowners find very important. Electric systems generally have a longer lifespan than gas systems as well. It’s really all about preference, and what’s available to your home for power. Whether you’re supplied by gas or electric, your home’s system can be running efficiently all year with proper sizing and routine, annual maintenance. Maintenance will help improve your system’s efficiency, keep it warranty-compliant, and extend the lifespan of your equipment! If you’ve never maintained your system, start now! Ask us how!

Q. Do larger families need larger systems?

A. Everything within your home, including your family members, contributes to the impact on your system from heat gain – your appliances, how many you have running, and yes, how many people are inhabiting the home. If your home is poorly insulated, this all contributes to heat gain. Having America’s Best come out to perform a proper Load Calculation will eliminate the guessing game, and ensure that your home has the proper-sized system to maximize your family’s comfort.

Not sure which system you need, or want to know what you’re looking at for an energy efficient upgrade? Call America’s Best today at 888-456-2525 to schedule a FREE in-home estimate with one of our comfort specialists today, and ask about our discounts for high-efficiency systems, senior citizens, military, fire and police employees! Rather schedule online? Fill out our contact form here!

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