Tips to Help Prevent Air Conditioner Failure!


It’s difficult to imagine when the air outside is still chilly, but warmer weather will soon be here, and your air conditioning system will be running regularly throughout the day before too long. It can be an alarming situation if your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a hot summer day, which is why we recommend taking preventive steps now to avoid this. Follow these tips for successful air conditioning operation throughout the warmer months ahead!

  • Pay attention to problems – If your air conditioning system is struggling, you may be able to tell early on if you know what signs to look for. Noisy operation and slow cooling times indicates trouble. If your system has trouble starting up or staying on, it could do some damage to the compressor. Call America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical to diagnose conditions and provide proper and affordable repairs at first on-set, to prevent parts from deteriorating any further.
  • Change your filter regularly – The filter of your air conditioning system is designed for two purposes. First, it stops your fan from sucking in large debris that could damage the air conditioning unit. Second, it filters contaminants out of the air so that your family does not breathe these in (mold, bacteria, dander and more). If you allow this filter to become clogged, air cannot successfully pass through and into the system, which may result in motor malfunction or frozen evaporator coils, among other problems that could result in system failure. Not sure how to change your filter? Prefer a professional’s touch? America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is always ready to take on any task – from simply changing filters, to air conditioning system annual maintenance, to full air conditioning system replacement!
  • Keep your Air Conditioning System professionally maintained – Changing the air filter regularly is an important part of maintaining your unit, but one of the best things you can do for your system is to schedule regular maintenance visits from a professional. Professional maintenance involves checking refrigerant levels, testing the voltage, tightening electrical components, cleaning the coils, oiling the motors, and many other tasks that help to extend the life of your system (all listed and available for your review on our Planned Maintenance Customer Agreement form).  For the most part, these tasks require an expert with the proper tools for the job and the experience necessary to recognize and troubleshoot your system quickly, effectively and efficiently. Keeping your air conditioning system maintained ALSO keeps your warranty in tact! Lack of air conditioning maintenance can AND will void your warranty!

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