4 Electrical Jobs For A Licensed Electrician Only! DIYer, Beware!

Many people love the authentic feeling of pride when they complete a DIY (do-it-yourself) project at home. However, there are many electrical jobs that even the best DIYer should avoid, and hire a professional and licensed electrician to complete. At America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical, “Your safety and comfort are our main concerns!” – We never want to see someone hurt their self when trying to take on a potentially hazardous or dangerous electrical job – or job of any kind, for that matter! Here are the top 4 electrical jobs that the DIYer should leave to the licensed electrician:


Replacing wiring in your home. Believe it or not, building code departments can change their building codes every few years, which means that repairing, replacing and adding new circuits/wiring to your house should always be done by a licensed electrician, who is up-to-date on the current code. A code violation can be very costly to yourself and your contractor! If you overload inside if your walls, for example, you could cause a fire that will destroy your home. If you have a faulty wiring fire, and you have homeowners insurance, they can decline your coverage for claims if your wiring done was not installed by a licensed contractor or by yourself as a DIYer project. Never take the chance. Always hire a licensed electrician for your electrical jobs needing to be done in your home!  Thinking your home’s previous work may not be up to code? Call us for a code violation correction and get your home up-to-code and feel the safety of knowing you’re in the clear!


Changing your type of receptacle (outlet). You may be able to do this as a DIY project at home (with the power off and if you are replacing what they call ”like-to-like” outlet types). However, a licensed electrician must do unlike outlet replacement (i.e. upgrading from an ungrounded outlet to a grounded outlet, GFCI, etc.) Electrical jobs can be tricky, and only a licensed electrician should be used for these tedious and careful projects in your home. Avoid any danger by hiring them!


Repairing and replacing circuit breaker boxes. If a DIYer tried this at home, the first major hazard could be an electrical overload. This is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted on your own. If the breaker is not designed and installed correctly, there could be a shortage in the wiring and it could cause an electrical fire. You may not know the amount of energy that your panel needs, so always trust and hire a licensed electrician to handle this big-time job for you! Safety first!


Lastly, connecting new construction to your energy provider. Most power companies will not allow connection of new construction to their power supply without it being completed by a licensed electrician. There would be too much risk for their (very expensive) equipment, and for the safety of the homeowner or business owner. This is why most electrical jobs are completed with a permit by a licensed electrician, so that the work can be properly inspected by your building code enforcement department! Never trust an electrician who is not licensed, because their code may be outdated!


America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is a licensed electrician and mechanical (HVAC) contractor. We have an outstanding reputation for excellence, and won’t hide our licensure like the typical unlicensed “electrician”… We will provide you with all certification and licensure proof before we even begin our work for you. For more information on any electrical or mechanical jobs you need completed in your home, contact us online to schedule a FREE no obligation estimate!


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