Creative Electrical Ideas For Your Home!


2016Whether your home is existing or a new construction, America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical can bring creative and efficient electrical ideas and projects into your home! There are so many possibilities for a “Smart” home customization, and you have the power and the freedom to decide what you want, where you want it, and when you’d like us to be there!


Below are some amazing electrical ideas and thoughts for your home, which may be more efficient and more convenient for you and your family. Check them out:


  • Are you a big decorator for the holidays? Tired of always having to run and see electrical extension cords? Think about where you like to hang your lights and place your electrical-using décor. You can have outlets installed beneath your crown molding inside, or beneath the eaves of your roof outside, which can route to a more conveniently located power switch (i.e. by your door, in your garage, etc.)


  • Kids growing up and needing some privacy or their own space and electronic devices? We offer Smart USB outlets which also have the traditional prong outlets, so your kids can do their homework on their laptop, charge their phone to contact you as needed, and listen to their favorite media player, even if they’ve lost the charging prong adapter! They can plug their USB directly into the wall. Let’s face it – Our kids’ generation is going to be one of vast “Smart” technology advances. You could even consider adding outlets to their rooms for beneficial new items, like televisions or gaming consoles, work-out equipment, etc. You can never go wrong with ample electrical outlet supply! Hide it in their desk!!!


  • Have inconveniently located light switches? Falling over your things in the attic space looking for the hanging bulb light string? Have an outlet that was wired incorrectly? Let America’s Best fix your electrical switch dilemmas! We can relocate your switches, making climbing into the attic brighter before you climb! Never take the risk of hurting yourself to reach for inconvenient electrical switches!


  • For your family members who may be mobility challenged or should be resting at home, you can relocate your outlets and switches to their bedside, making turning the light off for sleep a breeze! Don’t let a loved one fall – Call us and make their homes more electrically convenient!


  • Have a household item in your kitchen or bathroom that you don’t use often and like to put away to charge? We’re all guilty of sitting them on our counters, which takes up space we could be using when needed, without the hassle of having to relocate charging cradles, etc. Think about adding some electrical outlets to your cabinetry! Hide those devices within your cabinets, and let the overall aesthetics of your room return to their natural, clutter-free beauty! You can even have surge protector outlets installed to slide in and out of your counter-top for appliances you hate seeing in your counters, collecting dust when they’re not used! There are some fabulous ways to upgrade!


  • Always stubbing your toe on the dresser that sticks too far out in your bedroom? Annoyed with the outlet that creates the gap between the wall and your furniture? Think about recessing your outlets, to give you the convenience of having electricity where you need it, without the inconvenience of the gap. Let your furniture lay flush, and still have the electricity where you need it!


Stay tuned for our next electrical blog, where we’ll discuss some more creative electrical upgrading ideas and thoughts. Have some you didn’t see here and want to know if we do it? Give us a call or e-mail us for more information! We offer great maintenance packages for your electrical needs, which discount any future repairs and gives your home optimal electrical efficiency, which could lower your utility bills as well!


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