DIY Electrical Project? Beware! Think Again!

“That looks easy enough to fix”,  you might say to yourself when you see a problem with your electrical wiring at home. DIY electrical work is always risky business. If you’re not a licensed electrician with the proper training, your DIY electrical project can become very grim, very quickly! America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical puts your safety first. Beware of these potential DIY electrical project disasters.Many people enjoy doing their own work on their homes – that sense of “I am man, hear me roar” pride – you’ve done the impossible all on your own!  If they have the skills and tools, the DIY electrical project can be very rewarding.  It’s a great way to save money, and feels good to have done it yourself – bragging rights to follow! Some may think DIY electrical work can be done just as easy as other home improvement projects. However, you should think twice when working on items electrical related.  The hazards can be lethal and catastrophic! 

Some DIY electrical risks include:

Fire: Every year, hundreds of electrical fires are caused by improper connections and unstable wiring systems.  Licensed electricians are well versed with a code book they follow that is published and updated every three years by the National Fire Protection Agency. Though you may have excellent reading comprehension, the code book is for professional discretion, and should not be referenced as a “how-to” for just any homeowner. This code is enforced by state testing for electrical professionals for a reason. Don’t bring you or your home down in flames!


Bodily Injury or Fatalities: The truth.  Not a scare tactic!  Electricity is not only dangerous to work with, it can also cause serious injury or safety hazards to persons or property if a job isn’t performed correctly.  Experienced, licensed and insured electricians spend thousands of hours learning and implementing the safety aspects when dealing with electricity. One tiny oversight could end up with severe damage to your body, your health, or instant fatality. No risk is worth your life being taken!

Property Damage: Frying or melting the wires of the appliance or equipment, or worse – the wiring inside of the walls – could be dangerous hazards to the structure of your home, and most importantly, the loved ones and yourself inside of it. In some states, insurance companies will not pay for any damages if electrical work is not done by a professional, licensed and insured electrician.  Who wants that hassle and grief? DIY electrical projects are not worth your home’s deterioration!

Many people desire to save money and have the satisfaction of  “doing it yourself”, but doing DIY electrical projects can cost you more in the long run. What may look like a simple DIY electrical task can be done incorrectly if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, and could potentially turn into the worst nightmare come-to-life without proper experience and training. Treasure your life and the lives of the loved ones around you – seek professional electrical service for all electrical tasks.

Have questions about your next project?  Need advice about the electrical problem you are thinking of doing yourself now? Call America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical today or contact us online to schedule a call-back or estimate. We are fully licensed and insured, and always promise to provide you with another quality job done by America’s Best!

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