Do You Know The Difference? Generator Knowledge Starts Here in Southampton!

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Knowing many of America Best Mechanical & Electrical’s friends and their families suffered through gruesome days last winter without power, we’d like to take this opportunity to reintroduce whole-house generators, and show you the benefits and importance of having one in your home!


Not only is having no power during an outage inconvenient, it can become extremely costly to find other measures for power when you’re without a generator! Staying with a friend or family member – Getting a hotel room until the storm blows over – None are convenient, cheap, or satisfying!


Used a portable generator before? They are convenient, since they are portable. However – that noise! How crazy did it drive you to listen to it? You have to manually plug in your devices needed, which is also not convenient. However, they do last for up to 8 hours on one tank of gas – but what happens when last year’s storm ices over us again? You could be out of power for days – and you need something stable and reliable to give your home the power you need for the comfort in the storm, and the power that could be keeping your pets and your elderly family members at a safe temperature or providing important oxygen needed for life! Depending on the length of your power outage, a portable generator may be the most beneficial for the time being. However, when the less anticipated storm rolls in, you’re going to need a larger back-up plan! Let’s take a look at what a standby home generator is, and how it can benefit you:


A standby whole-house generator is a permanent fixture, installed outside, usually on the side or back of your home. You connect this generator directly to your fuel source, or a fuel source of your choosing. Instead of being limited to the items you can fit on a portable generator – You can set your whole-house standby generator to power your entire home, parts of your home, or specific items that you request to only have power when there is an outage. Once the transfer switch is installed, this unique generator system monitors your home for power outages and even warns you when you’re due for maintenance! We provide quick and efficient maintenance for your generator, as well as installation and repair! Learn more about our maintenance packages here!


Think you can’t afford this generator service? Think again! America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical offers easy financing and your generator comes with a warranty for ease of mind and buyers’ confidence! Never know the pain of being without power again. America’s Best is ready to install your whole-house standby generator! Give us a call and express your needs, your budget, and your timeframe, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your requirements!


Say goodbye to the inconvenience blasted upon us from hurricanes, ice storms, snow storms, nor’easters and more! You’ll be ready, confident, and comfortable with your generator by your home’s side!


Call or visit us on the web to submit an inquiry for a FREE in-home estimate now! Visit out Specials page for a $500.00 off coupon for your generator installation!!! Act now before these deals expire! They’re going fast!

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