Save Energy Green for Halloween!

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Costumes, decorations, candles, and of course- free candy! Even if you are someone who doesn’t like spooky things and only enjoys the “treats” and not the “tricks,” Halloween can still be lots of fun!

The cost of Halloween can add up. From buying costumes and candy, to your electric bill rising from lights or electric decor hanging indoors and outdoors. Halloween can be pricier than you realize, and it can also be extremely energy inefficient. America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical has few to help you save money and save energy dollars this Halloween!

Use Caution with Lighting & Electric-fueled Decor!

Halloween lights and decorations are an important part of Halloween. Many trick-or-treaters will not knock on a person’s door if there are no decorations or lights outside, because they assume you’re disinterested or not home. However, that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it! One way to save energy money on your electric bill this month is by cutting back on hanging lights outside for Halloween. Try using flameless candles, or if you would really like to hang up lights, make sure they are LED. LED lights are much more energy efficient, and they will help you save energy dollars for sure! Who doesn’t like to save energy and make the world a better place?!


Don’t Bump The Heat Up!

October 31st temperatures can be downright chilly, and it can be very tempting to keep your home warm and toasty, but it is a good idea to turn the thermostat down a few degrees. Why? For a few hours on Halloween, you will probably be opening the front door every few minutes and you do not want to keep wasting that precious warm air each time. Another good idea is to make sure that all other doorways and windows are closed and sealed to keep the warm air in as well. You can preserve your warm air and save energy dollars by simply monitoring all ventilation.

Get Creative with the Costume!

Store bought costumes and even fancy homemade ones can be expensive, so try to be a little creative this year! Use materials you already have at home to fashion a costume, or take a trip to your local Salvation Army thrift store to find items you can use. Home-made costumes are extremely fun to make, and even more fun to show off to your friends and family! Re-purposing old costumes or other clothing will definitely help you save this Halloween!


Reuse Decorations

There is no need to reinvent the wheel every year, so save whatever decorations you can from year to year! This saves you money and saves you energy from potentially running more lights or decorations than necessary. Decor wars with neighbors = energy dollar spikes!

To learn more about having an energy efficient Halloween this year, check out these sites where some of these ideas came from:Green Halloween and How to Go Green: Halloween.

For more information on how to save energy and become more energy efficient in your home, contact us online to discuss your energy usage and ways to improve your home’s energy expenses!

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