Tesla Charging Dedicated Electrical Circuits for Your Home!

Posted in: Electrical


Our new customer, Matt T., called America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical after leaving the Tesla dealership to purchase his brand new ALL electric vehicle. Matt needed a dedicated circuit installed for his Tesla charging system. We arrived at his home to give him a FREE Tesla charging circuit estimate, and scheduled his work to be completed prior to his Tesla’s arrival.


As you can see in the picture, America’s Best left Matt’s garage with plenty of spare room, a clean and level circuit and run, and now Matt is ready to use his Tesla charging dedicated electrical circuit as soon as his car arrives. He won’t miss a beat in his new electric-fueled vehicle, and he will save tons of $$$ on gasoline every year, while helping improve our environment with zero fuel emissions! Congratulations on your purchase, Matt! We’re glad we could assist you in your Tesla charging station installation! Good luck to you with this incredible purchase!

Are you making the amazing decision to purchase an electric-fueled vehicle? Maybe just needing an electrical service upgrade, a new panel, or even an electrical safety inspection? America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical can service ALL of your electrical, heating and air conditioning needs. Not sure if we provide the service you’re needing? Give us a call at 888-456-2525 or contact us online to discuss your project and schedule a FREE estimate with our comfort specialists!


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