America’s Best Installs Tesla Charging Stations in Bucks County, Mongtomery County, Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey!

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Tesla all electric vehicles are the hottest, newest, and most-desired cars in America! Naturally, America’s Best hopped on board to become an electrical installer for the Tesla Charging Stations and any related and unrelated electrical work you may be in need of! Here’s some really cool information on the efficiency of Tesla vehicles, in case you weren’t up to date!


• Tesla vehicles are low-maintenance vehicles – There are no spark plugs, timing belts or oil filters to replace. Model S will never need a smog check or a typical oil change. In fact, the only oil needing to be changed is in the gearbox, which on average needs replacement once every twelve years.

• Forget emissions testing! Model S has at least a thousand fewer moving parts than a traditional car – no internal combustion engine, no transmission, no mufflers or catalytic converters – thereby lowering the chances of things breaking down or wearing out. Thanks to regenerative braking, even brake pads will last longer on Model S than on other cars.

• During your scheduled annual inspection (or after 12,500 miles), a service technician will spend several hours with your vehicle, conducting a full assessment of things such as brakes, tires, suspension, steering, lighting, and safety components. These scheduled check-ups make sure your Model S is running at its best.

• Unlike service contracts at most automotive companies, Tesla Service includes all replacement parts such as wiper blades and brake pads that wear out from day-to-day driving, only excluding the tires themselves. What a great service plan!!!


America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is your most-trusted, fully licensed and insured electrician, electrical & mechanical contractor in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery county area, as well as NJ! If you require an electrical service upgrade for your Tesla charging station, we will also take care of that!

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