Generator vs. Hurricane Patricia – Act Now for Savings!

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A generator is one of the smartest investments a homeowner and all businesses can make!  When disasters like Hurricane Patricia strike, you can avoid losing the power that supplies your home, your medical equipment, the items keeping your business IN business and more! Never worry about a tree taking down the electrical supply to your neighborhood again. A standby generator will keep you warm, keep your lights on for safety, and keep your life in motion during any traumatic event such as those potentially headed our way in this horrendous hurricane season!

“Do you want to make sure your lights stay on, your food remains fresh, and your home stays warm, even during the toughest weather conditions and power outages? Home generators are becoming more efficient, affordable, and compact solutions to give you the backup power that you and your family need.” – GE … America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical installs GE whole-house standby generators for a much more affordable price than you would think! Not sure you can afford the lump sum? We offer hassle-free and easy financing to help you stay safe and comfortable during any storm!


Act now and receive $500 OFF of your generator installation with America’s Best! Offer expires 11/30/2015! Contact us online to schedule an estimate today or give us a call at 888-456-2525. Save yourself from the agony of any potential hurricane or other natural disasters ahead of the game!

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