The Storms Are Coming! Get Your Generator Now!

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Hurricane Joaquin is approaching the East coast, and everyone is thinking the same thing: “I hope I don’t lose my power!” Generators are amazing standby devices that will keep your power on during the entire storm. Many Americans live with necessary medical equipment at home that needs power, in addition to the necessities of every day life. Generators are not instant installations, so planning ahead is the best idea. Here’s the step-work for installing your new generator:

Load study and size requirements.

Your home will need to be evaluated in order to determine which size whole-house standby generator is required for your specific needs and your unique home! There are many factors that determine which generator you should go with, which we’ll discuss right now:

Increased gas loads.

You have gas heat in your home – and now you have a generator. This generator draws much more gas than your typical appliances. When the generator starts, and the gas sizing is not the correct amount for your home’s needs, the heater could be starved and not have enough gas for proper combustion, which could cause the heater to produce Carbon Monoxide, which is one of the leading causes of poisonous deaths in the United States. We will call your gas company to ensure that your gas load is increased to have everything in your home functioning in unison and accurately.


Once we know your home has the proper gas load supply, and we know which size generator would suit your needs for emergency back-up power, your America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical technician will then give you a thorough and accurate estimate for your generator purchase and installation, and will review it with you for any concerns or inquiries.

Permits for inspection.

Once you have accepted your estimate for installation, America’s Best will then contact your township/county to obtain the permits for adding the generator to your home, which will then be inspected upon completion by the county or township Electrical Inspector.  This guarantees your unit is working properly and is professionally installed according to building code. Did you know that most companies selling generators in our area are only HIC (Home Improvement Contractors) and do not have the proper licensure to install your generator (and sometimes they don’t even pull the permits!) Read more about this concern in our blog. However, don’t fret – America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is fully licensed and insured as a Master Mechanical Contractor and Master Electrical Contractor! You never have to worry with us!



Homeowners around the world are sometimes unaware that the manufacturers of most appliances (household, HVAC, generators, etc) require that you have routine annual maintenance in order to keep your warranty active. Think of it like a tune-up for your car, for your generator. The manufacturer suggests maintenance be performed every 100 hours of use or 1 time annually. America’s Best offers our Planned Maintenance Program, which can be prepaid in full or billed monthly for just $32/month for your generator maintenance! This will accumulate and prepay for your annual maintenance visit, which will keep your generator running efficiently and keep your warranty active! We also offer a Furnace/Air Conditioner combo for just $20/month more! For more information on our Planned Maintenance Program, check out our Maintenance page.


Be prepared for the wrath of the storms that are coming this season! You can never go wrong with a whole-house standby generator. You’ll keep your convenience as well as your safety through any storm that comes along. Contact us online or call us to get started at 888-456-2525!

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