The Importance of Heating Repair & Maintenance

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Fall is here, and it has many thinking about their heaters – which is unusual when it still feels like summer during some afternoons still, but don’t let that fool you into neglecting heater and furnace maintenance. There are several kinds of heaters for the home, all of which present their own maintenance concerns that are important to examine before you’ll be needing heat this winter.


No matter your type of heating system, now is a great time to test it out. You may not want to turn it on all night, but take a minute to turn it on for a few minutes. Does it start right up? Does it shut on and off with your thermostat? Does it make any funny noises? Funny noises are a great diagnostic tool, and they mean you need to get your heater checked out by a professional. If your heater isn’t working optimally, you should definitely schedule a service call with America’s Best.

Gas systems can be especially temperamental. When they work, they’re wonderful, but even the smallest bit of debris can clog up the gas and make the heater non-functional.

Duct issues can also cause problems, and most don’t think about them. However, improperly sealed ducts will leak hot air and the system will lose efficiency. It’s important to install ducts right and inspect them from time to time – any air lost out the ducts is money lost as well!

If you’re having any trouble with your heater, or if it just won’t start up at all – the first step is to call America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical. Figuring out exactly where the problem (or problems) lie is best done by a professional, especially if it’s a gas furnace. Gas leaks escalate quickly; it’s not uncommon to evacuate a whole street in a neighborhood when ONE home has one!



Professional help with America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical isn’t always just for broken heating and air conditioning systems. Having a routine tune-up can prevent issues in the future; it’s great for helping to prevent costly breakdowns and unnecessary, premature repairs. In addition to preventing costly future breakdowns, having a professional look at your heating system allows them to calibrate it for maximum efficiency, which will save you money with your utility companies! Efficient heating translates to a cheaper utility bill, and that’s money back in YOUR pocket every month!

If your heating system is over ten years old, or you’ve been spending more and more on repairs over the years, it may be time to consider a new heater. It’s very important to consult a professional when making this decision because of the potential for costs and the potential complications of installation. Buying one and installing it yourself, or letting an unlicensed and uninsured friend install the system, is dangerous and could end up costing you thousands in medical bills if he were to be injured on your property! Always hire a PROPERLY licensed and insured contractor, like America’s Best!

For more information, send us a message online to schedule your maintenance or a FREE estimate.  Just looking for information? Give us a call or message us, and we’ll gladly explain all you need!

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