Furnace Warning Signs – Repair or Replace?

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If you are unsure whether or not your furnace needs replacement or repair, you will be pleased to know that America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical has several furnace warning signs to help you come to an accurate conclusion on whether or not to reach out for service.

Odors and Strange Noises

If your furnace runs on gas and you notice a potent gas smell after turning it on or if it rattles or makes sounds when running, it probably needs repairs. Such repairs may be minor in nature, but if you ignore these signs and continue using the furnace, small problems may become major.

Defective or Broken Thermostat

If your furnace continuously clicks on and off and your house never warms up regardless of how high you set the heat, you may need your thermostat replaced, as this is the most obvious sign of a faulty thermostat.

Problems With Old Furnaces

Old furnaces should always be carefully monitored. If the unit is more than ten years old, it is likely that repairs will be necessary in the near future. If problems are ignored, you may find that the entire unit must be replaced. Therefore, never disregard signs that an older furnace may be malfunctioning.

Yellow Flames

Yellow flames are never normal and should not be ignored. Your furnace’s flame and pilot light should always be stable, blue and clean. An orange or yellow flame is a sign of substantial dirt buildup in the burner, which inhibits the furnace from creating the proper mix of oxygen and gas. This problem is very serious and could cause damage to your house if not addressed.

Obstructed Airflow

One easy and effective way to make sure your furnace system works properly at all times is to check the unit for clogged filters or air ducts. If the filter is clogged or something is obstructing one of the ducts, the furnace may break down or work less efficiently.


Finally, it is always wise to schedule an inspection of your furnace before winter begins. This will ensure that potential problems are addressed and corrected before cold weather is an issue. Scheduling such an appointment in early autumn will prevent costly repairs from taking you by surprise in the heart of the freezing winter cold! Annual preventative maintenance can also help your furnace avoid costly system break downs.


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