Staying Warm Heat Tips for the Winter Weather!

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Staying warm in the blustery, frigid & sometimes snowy winter weather can be easily done at home with these tips from America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical! Not ready to run your heat and want to save a few heating dollars before the season? Here’s how:

Bundle up!

Before you start cranking up the heat this winter, try adding another layer or two! Keeping your body’s natural temperature is essential to staying warm and toasty. Watching your figure and afraid you’ll look like the Michelin man? Many sporting goods stores now carry “slim” cold weather gear, which will keep you warm while keeping you more fashionable!

Hats help!

When you’re outside in the frigid winter weather, the heat can escape your body through the top of your head. Simply wearing a hat when you’re cold outdoors, or even cold indoors, will help you keep your body at a comfortable and toasty temperature.

Cover your piggies!

Your extremities are actually at a higher risk of hypothermia, which means you should always keep your hands and feet bundled and warm! Throw on some extra socks, and grab some insulated and skid-proof shoes for the winter’s unpredictable weather. You can wear some extra socks and gloves around the house to keep warm if you’re just a bit chilled, too!  Have a fireplace? Find some lumber and start a natural fire in the safety of your home for natural heat!

Snack attack!

Chomping on some healthy snacks can help kick-start your metabolism and raise your core body temperature. Hot and warm snacks (soups, coffee, tea, spicier foods) can help raise your temperature too, even if it’s temporary! Proceed with caution if you’re into fitness, of course!

Steer clear of the beer!

Believe it or not, consuming alcoholic beverages prevent your body from being able to sweat and decrease your ability to shiver – which will definitely send your core body temperature falling! Steer clear of the beer and other alcoholic beverages to keep warm this winter! Try some hot teas or cocoa to help keep you feeling warm. It might not make you feel “fuzzy”, but it’ll keep you cozy!

Fans on!

It may not seem like a way to keep warm, but run a fan close to your ceiling on its lowest setting in a clockwise direction. This will push warm air back down (since heat rises) and you will enjoy the natural heat your body and your home is emitting returning to you!


Get with the program.

Programmable thermostats are a great way to keep your costs down and keep you toasty when you’re home. Now, with smart programmable thermostats, you can change the temperature from your smart devices (phones, tablets) and enjoy the comfort of heating with the convenience of savings from the comfort of your favorite spot in your home!

Call America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical today for more information, or schedule a return call online. We’re ready to help keep you warm this winter! It’s never too early to prepare!

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