The Benefits of Heating Maintenance

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Your Heating System – The Source of Comfort in Your Home

Whenever you are feeling anything other than top-notch, you typically visit your physician for a check-up. A check-up can leave you feeling more safe, comfortable and healthy knowing that you have addressed any ailments and malfunctions your body could be incurring. Your check-up is very important for your health, and keeps your body running stable within its internal environment, in response to the external environment changes. You achieve homeostasis.

Just like your body reaches homeostasis through routine check-ups and staying well, your heating system needs annual tune-ups, which act like a body’s check-up. They keep your system running at its peak performance, in top stability and most efficiently. Your systems are the HQ of your home, keeping it comfortable, efficient and running properly. Heating Maintenance is extremely important!

Neglect Leads to Accumulation of Debris

Your filters are one step to avoid dirt and debris build-up. However, if you do not regularly clean and/or replace them, there can be an unknown amount of dirt, debris and other particles accumulating within your heating system. These are then pushed through your system and forced throughout your home in the air. This is not healthy for you and your family to be inhaling into your bodies. Heating Maintenance not only cleanses and replaces the filters, but cleans your burners, controls, your pilot assembly, and all belts and moving parts. Your flue piping is naturally prone to rusting and can cause an unhealthy and costly repair. No one likes the costs involved in repairing something they have already invested in within their home. This is why making a small investment in annual heating maintenance can prevent costly break-downs, possible electrical fires due to debris, and overall extends the life of your equipment. Less hassle, less repairs, more savings!


Save Money and Gain Comfort!

Did you know that heating maintenance, as well as air conditioning maintenance and electrical maintenance can SAVE you money on your monthly utility bills? That’s right! A small investment in America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical’s Planned Maintenance Agreements can lower your monthly bills! With routine maintenance, your system will operate at peak performance, which means less strain on your systems to operate smoothly and properly, and less pull from your electrical or natural gas services to fuel the systems. This will decrease your monthly utility bills and save you money! Who doesn’t love to save? You’ll have the peace of mind to know that your equipment is functioning at peak efficiency, that your system is safely running for the people you love, and that you’ll always have the comfort of proper indoor air quality for every season.

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