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Like it or not, the generation we are living in is full of electronics – game consoles, tablets, computers, even homework is transitioning to being online! Wouldn’t you love to have family movie night again? Without the gaming consoles, the cell phones dinging with text messages and e-mails, and without having to head to the movie theater and spend tons of money on over-priced snacks?


Consider the idea of a Home Theater installed and designed by America’s Best! Get that silver screen feel in the comfort of your own home. Everyone goes to a theater for picture quality, the whole “movie” experience, and the sound effects. Formatting to fit the size of your television instantly reduces the quality of the movie, and your kids might not see it as exciting.


Bring the life back into your family movie nights, and kick back in the comfort of your own home, with snacks and goodies in-hand from your own kitchen, instantly reducing the cost of heading out and increasing the fun, comfort and joy with your own family!


America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical will combine various electronic equipment and lighting to create the magical ambiance experience of a movie theater inside of your own home! Host parties, invite friends over, cheer up a special friend with a special movie night, or indulge in your own movie-buff-heaven area and reap the joy in comfort and elegance! Feel the surround sound jolt through your seat and feel the life and raw emotion and adventure in the movies you watch!


Let’s get down to the best part of it all – America’s Best offers EASY financing!!! Don’t worry about the up-front costs, and yard sale you’d have to have to pay for it, or dipping into your Savings account! You’ll be SHHH’ing the people around you in no time with easy financing and fast, quality, professional installation services from the America’s Best comfort crew! Home Theater, here we come!!!! Schedule an estimate online with our experts now! Not handy with the computer? Give us an old-fashioned phone call at 888-456-2525.

We’re just as anxious to speak to you about your new Home Theater!!! Ask about any current promotions or discounts too!

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