Don’t VOID Your HVAC Warranty By Mistake!

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Did you know that you can void your warranty on your HVAC equipment? Many homeowners make these common mistakes when choosing not to maintain their equipment properly. America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical would like to share some tips on how to avoid losing your HVAC warranty!

Step One: Hire ONLY a professional and licensed installer. Most HVAC warranty companies require that you must have a licensed HVAC contractor (mechanical contractor) for your new HVAC system installation. An HIC (home improvement contractor certification) does not always pass this installation requirement. Make sure you check with your contractor to ensure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Not to toot our own horn, but America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical is a licensed, bonded and insured mechanical and electrical contractor. Your HVAC warranty is safe with us! We will even complete step 2 for you, and step 3 if you’ll allow us!

Step Two: Register your equipment for its HVAC warranty coverage. Most of the time, you can register your HVAC equipment online. However, some choose to mail in the HVAC warranty registration card that comes with their system. Think you’ve forgotten to do so? When you install with America’s Best, we automatically submit your HVAC warranty registration for you. No hassle for you, and no “oh no” moments if and when a warranty-covered repair comes up. If you are purchasing a new home, we can also assist you in adding your name to the equipment’s warranty registration.

Step Three:  Schedule annual maintenance for your systems. Most people overlook this critical step in their HVAC warranty registration process. This is the most common and fastest way to have your HVAC warranty voided. Almost all warranty companies require within your warranty that your HVAC systems must have annual maintenance in order for your HVAC warranty to cover any parts that you may need. Not having annual maintenance on your HVAC system also hastens the time-frame in which wear and tear will break your system down. This definitely contributes to premature part failure, which will not be covered by your HVAC warranty without routine annual maintenance. Not only does routine annual maintenance keep you from your HVAC warranty being voided, it strengthens your system’s efficiency, which lowers your utility bills and extends your equipment’s lifespan. Your HVAC warranty is always safe with routine annual maintenance, and America’s Best has annual maintenance plans that are affordable and can be billed monthly for your convenience!

Step Four: Only use manufacturer-authorized parts. If you use parts from a friend’s broken system, parts from an unlicensed contractor, or parts you buy online on discount sites, you could be voiding your HVAC warranty! Always contact a licensed HVAC contractor to order the authorized parts directly from the manufacturer. This will prevent you from voiding your warranty, and it will keep your system in tip-top shape! America’s Best can handle all of your HVAC warranty part orders.

Step Five: Lastly, keep records of your HVAC service, repairs and installation. Keep all of your receipts and paperwork for any service, maintenance, installation and repairs done to your HVAC system. Keep everything – even something as small as an air filter change. This is important to track your system maintenance for your HVAC warranty company. They will ask you for this!

Contact us at America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical to keep your HVAC warranty active and thriving! Routine annual maintenance is affordable, and pre-paying by monthly debits will take the stress of up-front costs at time of service! Visit our specials page for the latest coupons!

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