Heat vs Your Air Conditioning – Which is Winning?!

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Heat vs A/C – Which is winning?


We know the heat has us ALL beat!  Did you know that higher temperatures play a LARGE part in how effectively your air conditioning system operates? What can you expect during a heat wave, from your A/C? Let’s find out:


Most air conditioning and heat pump systems are expected to operate efficiently in temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  We have seen many days this past week above this!


Noticed any inconsistencies in your air conditioning cooling “feel” lately? That’s completely expected, and normal, in these soaring summer days! In addition, you can also expect the system to run a lot more than normal – nearly consistently on these extreme heat days. Your system needs to work extra hard to keep you comfortable – so don’t be alarmed if it’s running more than usual – it’s supposed to!


Is your A/C not quite reaching the temperature preset on your thermostat? Don’t freak! It is completely normal on these scorching hot days. However, you can help your A/C run less and more efficiently with simple tasks!


  1. Keep your blinds and shades CLOSED!
    Keep any and all window treatments closed/shut during the day. Sun exposure to any room can instantly increase the temperature in your home, which will trigger your A/C system to kick on. The less sunlight exposure you have within your home, the cooler your home will stay!
  2. Turn on your ceiling, oscillating or box fans!
    Keep air moving around in the rooms that you most frequently use in your home. Circulating air helps you “feel” cooler, and keeps cool air in motion, which can give you a brisk, relieving gust throughout your area(s).
  3. Always use your exhaust fans!
    Keep heat and humidity from forming in your kitchen and bathrooms by using your exhaust fans at ALL times when cooking, baking, showering, bathing a pet, etc. This reduces your humidity immensely!hot dude
  4. Have some fun and cook outdoors (when you can bare it)!
    Using your grill to cook, instead of your home’s oven, will keep the humid air outdoors! After you’re done cooking, you can eat indoors and cool off after all of the work you just did!  Pat yourself on the back with some cool, refreshing air to award yourself for your delicious creation!
  5. Water, water, and more water! Always stay hydrated!
    Drink plenty of cold water! This will not only help regulate your body temperature, it will keep you hydrated and fueled for the day – Water is always recommended by your doctor, daily, in any season!


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