Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning Tune-up Importance

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Indoor air quality is such an important part of every home. Your air conditioning systems and heating systems are obviously your most important parts of comfort in your homes, however, they also help to keep you healthier with proper filtration and routine annual maintenance! You would not be able to imagine the dander and debris that can enter your home within the air, no matter how clean and fresh it may smell or appear to be! Routine annual maintenance helps air conditioning and heating systems run more efficiently with thorough cleaning, lubrication and adjustments.


With that in mind, changing your air filters automatically increases your chances at avoiding common and potential health problems from the allergens in the air. Filters capture the dander, dust, particles, pollen, mold and much more that could be circulating through your entire home without one! When your filters remain dirty and unchanged, they are unable to filter and effectively capture and remove these potential health-risk particles in your home. Changing your air filters annually will leave you with a fresher, cleaner and breathable home, without the worries of ingesting or inhaling pollutants!


Respiratory distress is a very serious problem, and the dander entering your home could be causing some of your respiratory struggles with you even knowing it! Most people think they are suffering from respiratory issues due to harmful particles outside of their home, but you could be basking within them inside too! These unfiltered particles could be causing asthma attacks, allergic reactions, coughing and respiratory irritation and inflammation with your body.


Not only is your respiratory system taking the beating, but your body’s other systems could be as well. It has been known and possible that infectious diseases that are airborne can be spread through your home’s vents.  Talk to your doctor or a health professional if you have questions about your respiratory health, but talk to us over at America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical to get your home fresher, cleaner and debris-free!


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