The Benefits of Commercial Heating & Cooling Maintenance Agreements in Bucks County

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In today’s economy, we are charged with finding ways to continually improve upon quality service while containing or reducing costs.  During this time, effective strategic decision-making is crucial to meeting these higher standards. America’s Best Mechanical and Electrical is a resource that offers turnkey, integrated electrical, heating & cooling maintenance solutions designed to help meet these goals. America’s Best Mechanical and Electrical is dedicated to identifying; developing and implementing strategies that will reduce our clients home or business cost structure through the implementation of proper maintenance, repairs and innovative heating and air conditioning operating strategies.

America’s Best Mechanical and Electrical is not only the best, but also one of the largest service organizations in Bucks County with the most sophisticated computerized dispatch and electrical, heating and cooling maintenance management system available. Our purchasing power of HVAC equipment and maintenance materials through our purchasing network is second to none in the industry.  Our purchasing power helps keep our costs lower, which in turn benefits you directly in all categories of HVAC work we perform on your behalf.   We have, for more than 30 Years in Business, been able to provide our customers with the best value for their investment dollar.


Benefits of Planned Maintenance Program

Our customers will derive many benefits from a well-designed and implemented America’s Best Mechanical and Electrical planned maintenance program such as the one we are offering here. Our Pro-Tech electrical, heating or cooling maintenance program is designed to help you reduce the cost of operating and maintaining your HVAC and Electrical systems.  Studies have shown that our type of maintenance program can help you:

  • Avoid expensive downtime, employee productivity losses, or tenant turnover
  • Avoid utility waste costs by up to 5-20%
  • Extending the useful life of your equipment by 20% or more
  • Reduce administrative costs associated managing HVAC services

Our goal is to help you control your overall maintenance costs via an optimum blend of predictive, diagnostic and scheduled maintenance tasking services. With our Pro-Tech electrical, heating or cooling maintenance program, our customers will receive the following benefits:

Energy Dollar Saving

Our Pro-Tech maintenance program keeps customer equipment in peak operating condition, thereby reducing energy consumption.  Our program will provide the proper maintenance tasking procedures that will include cleaning all heat transfer surfaces and calibrating your equipment to operate at peak performance.   Per ASHRAE survey reports, the average home owner can save on energy bills about 35% if they simly clean heat transfer surfaces and another $25% if properly charged and tuned to manufactueres guidelines.  This results the average energy costs and for a every 1 ton of air conditioning up to about $200 annually – subject to usage.

Operating Cost Savings

Our Pro-Tech maintenance program will save you money in two ways. Since America’s Best Mechanical and Electrical is part of a national HVAC materials and parts procurement network, you benefit from our ever-growing economies of scale, which attracts huge purchasing discounts from major equipment manufacturers and support material vendors.  This aggregated buying power allows us to give you the lowest possible price while still providing the highest quality and most efficient services and support systems available.

As we implement our Pro-Tech maintenance program, system efficiency is returned to an optimum level and operating costs and productivity losses are reduced to a minimum.

Elimination of Expensive Down Time

Proper functioning equipment means money in your pocket.   Our Pro-Tech maintenance program provides the manufacturers recommended maintenance tasking procedures for your equipment on a predetermined schedule. Our program reduces equipment failures, and costly equipment downtime while increasing employee productivity.

Extending Equipment Life

Our Pro-Tech maintenance program keeps your equipment in optimum condition.  This maintenance program is custom tailored to increase the life expectancy of your equipment over that of improperly maintained equipment. This results in the deferral of costly replacement expenditures.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Our Pro-Tech maintenance program is designed to allow your equipment to operate within the original design environmental specifications they were engineered to provide.  The first line of defense against possible perceived or real environmental complaints is proof of a verifiable maintenance program that provides for proper ventilation, filter changes and comfort control. Our program will help you meet these challenges while providing an environment that is healthy for your tenants.

Increased Comfort Control

Consistent comfort control keeps your tenants happy which studies have shown increases productivity levels to peak performance.

Planned Maintenance Performed Around Your Schedule

We will incorporate your business and technical requirements into our Pro-Tech maintenance program.  Our call center automatically dispatches the manufacturers recommended maintenance tasking procedures for your equipment on a predetermined schedule that best meets both your business and your equipment requirements.

Includes Engineering Support

Our Pro-Tech maintenance program has available engineering support services for identifying indoor air quality problems, solving comfort complaints, and or modifications to reduce or add air conditioning, heating or ventilation capacity in your facilities.  As with this and any of our programs, we provide written performance guarantees with all of our engineered solutions.  Engineering services are billed separately.  They are not included in the maintenance plan.

Guaranteed Priority Emergency Service Response

Our Pro-Tech maintenance program has continuously proven to reduce emergency or trouble calls.  However, when one does occur, you will receive our highest priority response.  We respond to emergency service or trouble calls even during peak periods within four (4) hours or less of your call.

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