Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air – Prevent Dirty HVAC Ductwork

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Dirty ductwork can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system and contaminate your home’s indoor air, which can be a cause of health problems for you and your family. Additionally, the process of cleaning ducts blocked and polluted by dust or mold can be labor intensive and time-consuming, which means that preventing dirty ductwork in your home is your best option for clean, fresh, energy-efficient air in your home.
Here are a few steps that you can take to keep your home’s ductwork clean:
Regularly clean your HVAC system– A regular inspection and cleaning performed by an experienced professional can keep contaminants from getting into the heating and cooling equipment and, subsequently, the ducts. The HVAC technician will inspect the system for other problems as well. Good filtration is the key to effective prevention.

Seal ducts when performing construction work– If you’re renovating your home, ensure that the ducts are sealed to keep construction debris from getting into them. If they’re left unsealed, sawdust and other material can contaminate the ducts, the indoor air and your HVAC equipment.
Clean new ductwork– Make sure that new ducts installed in your home have been thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris and oil left behind by the manufacturing process. These remnants can affect your indoor air and your HVAC equipment.
Keep your home clean– Air circulated by the HVAC system will pick up and carry dust, mold and other pollutants throughout your home via the ducts. Keeping your home clean can limit the pollutants in the air, and this can keep the ducts from getting dirty.

It’s important to note that contaminated ductwork can be a sign of other problems within your home, such as wet and moldy insulation. If you feel your ductwork is excessively contaminated, contact us online and we can confirm and diagnose any underlying issues you think you may have.
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