Tips for Staying Cool with a Ceiling Fan in Philadelphia!

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Ceiling fans make occupants in a room feel up to seven degrees cooler through the wind chill effect. With consistent ceiling fan use, you have the potential to save substantial cooling and heating dollars! You can cut your air conditioning costs and help your family feel cooler with ceiling fan usage on less humid days.

Mounting a Ceiling Fan

For safe installation, anchor the ceiling fan to a ceiling joist. If there’s not joist in your chosen location, you may use a mounting bracket in between joists and safely attach the ceiling fan in this way. Each ceiling fan you purchase comes with detailed directions. However, if you are going to be working with electric and don’t know what you’re getting into, fill out our contact form and our technicians here at America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical will have your new ceiling fans installed professionally, punctually and affordably!


Balancing a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan blades are supposed to be balanced before shipping. If the fan is wobbly after installation, however, make sure that connections are correctly aligned and fastened tightly. Check blade alignment by holding a yardstick vertically along the edges. If located, gently bend an unbalanced blade into place. If you’re having difficulty, you may also use a balancing kit to pinpoint the unbalanced blade or blades. A balancing kit should be included with the ceiling fan, or contact the manufacturer for one. In the dark on this step too? America’s Best is always available to take care of the handy work for you! Give us a call anytime!


How to Use a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans don’t cool indoor air like an air conditioning or heat pump system. Ceiling fans merely circulate indoor air, which creates a wind chill effect. Therefore, ceiling fans should only be used when a room is occupied, otherwise you’re wasting energy! To learn more about conserving energy, read our blog on 10 tips to conserve energy at home!

During the cooling months, ceiling fans should be set in reverse mode, which rotates the blades counter-clockwise. This direction forces air to the floor for a wind chill effect. During the heating months, flip the ceiling fan’s direction switch to rotate the blades in a clockwise direction. This pulls airflow up to the ceiling and forces warmer air down to the lower portions of the living spaces.

When your ceiling fans are not cutting it, and you need superior air conditioning power, you can always rely on America’s Best to provide you with reliable and professional installation, repair, service and maintenance for your air conditioning, heating, and electrical needs and projects.

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