Two Top Causes for Common Air Conditioning Repairs

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Although air conditioning systems can break down for many reasons, America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical would like to share 2 common reasons why air conditioning systems most commonly break down. Your system can only function properly when you are familiar with how to maintain it:


Refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant lines that are old, damaged or installed improperly are a common cause for refrigerant leaks, which will break your system down and leave your home in an awful state of discomfort – hot air everywhere! This not only impairs its functionality and performance, it lowers the efficiency of the system, which will heighten your utility bills, guaranteed! Unfortunately, many of us have learned of the theft of copper lines from air conditioning systems. Thieves see these lines as their opportunity to cash in, and you’re left with an air conditioning system that doesn’t function. Start by protecting your home and your yard, where the air conditioning condenser sits. Next, pay attention to the cooling levels on your thermostat. Not holding the right temperature? You may have a refrigerant leak. You can call us here at America’s Best for a system evaluation. We’ll get your air conditioning system in tip-top shape again, and provide you with options for annual air conditioning tune-up services, which will reduce the wear and tear, and increase your system efficiency!


Debris accumulation. Think about it – Your air conditioning system is outdoors. Imagine all of the allergens and particles floating around, in addition to debris from non-natural sources. Condensers sometimes get clogged with leaves, trash debris, dust, pet hair dander, pollen and even bird nests! These blockages will severely impair your air conditioning system’s airflow, which is the most common problem when air conditioning systems break down. If your electricity bills are on the rise, and your air conditioning system is not keeping your home cool, the system could be clogged. Unfortunately, when this happens, the air conditioning condenser could overheat and its automatic safety device will shut it down to prevent any electrical fires from debris. Always keep your condenser, your air filter, and the indoor evaporator coil cleared of debris, clean, and uncluttered. Avoid leaving potential debris hazards near these items.


You can even purchase screen covers and screened housing to place around the condenser, which will virtually protect your air conditioning system from all large debris, AND prevent tampering with the parts in your condenser. Every thief in the area will know who not to strike! Again, if you are experiencing debris accumulation, America’s Best can perform a full-system tune-up and cleaning, which will resolve the decreased airflow, and get your system efficient again. Lower utility bills ahead!


You can keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently by checking for these vital bits of information within your system. Whenever you experience air conditioning, heating or electrical malfunction or distress, contact America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical to get your home cool, calm and comfortable again. Your air conditioning system will thank you, and so will your comfy family!


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