NEMA 14-50 Electric Vehicle Charging Outlet for Tesla Motors | Lambertville, NJ

Electric Vehicle Charging Outlet

As more drivers start to use electric vehicles, it’s important that they have access to charging stations. At America’s Best Mechanical Electrical, we specialize in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, and we can perform every aspect of the job, as we did at this home in Lambert, New Jersey.

We began the job by completing an inspection of the property and attaining all of the necessary permits to complete the project. After that, we got to work on completing the project:

  • Installed a new 125 amp sub-panel;
  • Moved some circuits from the main house panel to the new sub-panel;
  • Installed a dedicated 50-amp circuit from the house electrical panel into the garage;
  • Routed EMT up and around to the location between the garage doors, where the customer preferred the charging station to be;
  • Install the NEMA 14-50 outlet and connected to a 2-pole 50-amp breaker.

The charging station is conveniently located and totally functional and efficient.

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Lambertville, NJ

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