The DCC-9 Energy Management System by Thermolec

product-dcc9The DCC-9 energy management system by Thermolec is offered by America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical Contracting, and it’s designed to manage the energy capacity and level of power transferred to an EV charger. Electricians install the DCC-9 in electrical panels without sufficient capacity in homes and electrical rooms in condos, offering affordable EV charger installations by supporting connections between EV chargers and fully loaded electrical panels.

The DCC-9 attaches EV chargers to main feeders of electrical panels without affecting load calculations. A trained specialist from America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical Contracting can attach the DCC-9 to a ceiling or wall, but the nameplate must be visible. Don’t install the DCC-9 outside unless it’s protected from moisture and sun exposure as well as fuels, explosives, and chemical products and vapors.

Operation of the DCC-9

The DCC-9 functions by controlling the energy transfer between the EV charger and the main circuit breaker. When the power consumption exceeds 80% of the main circuit breaker’s capacity, the DCC-9 de-energizes the EV charger, and when the power consumption falls below 80% for longer than 15 minutes, the DCC-9 re-energizes the EV charger.

Features of the DCC-9

The DCC-9 by Thermolec is designed to operate on panels without extra breaker slots, and it won’t affect the load calculation of your electrical panel. The energy management system comes with an EV charger breaker (Max 60A), a splitter box (Max 125A), a charge controller, and pre-wired current transformers (CT). An electrician from America’s Best Mechanical & Electrical Contracting can install the DCC-9 on a wall or ceiling, and for condo installations, the billing of electricity by the utility is automatic.

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